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Forum Roleplay Announcement

Hello all you hetalia Lady fans!
A Hetalia RP forum, Pink Mochi, is looking for new members! We focus on AUs, with not only one but a few themes going on so that people can join in the one that fits them the most or maybe even all of them because why not~ At the moment, we have a Steampunk Universe, Harry Potter Universe and a brand new Trump Card verse, all open for everyone to take part in.
We accept both canon characters and OCs (as in, countries that exist/existed but are not portrayed by the author), just keep in mind to have your OC properly structured, with looks and personality based on history of the country.
As for requirements, you must register and post your character introduction (the guidelines for it as well as the sample can be found on the forums) and, when you're accepted and read the rules, you have to be active at least once a week. We cant really have members who start a thread and then take months to respond. You can take it easy since those are forums but you must be regularly active. Seriously, I can't stress that enough, we had quite a few people join up and then break contact after just few posts, basically giving the middle finger to everyone who become engaged in their topics.
We're quite a friendly bunch so everyone is welcome, no experience required! Come, new members, let me embrace you into my strong arms and press you against my firm, forum bosom~
This ad is definetly wanting to attract those who rp the lovely ladies of Hetalia~ All of the main ones are needed. ^^ We hope you all join the family.


title:  I will always be with you

fandom:  axis powers hetalia

pairing:  austria/hungary (roderich edelstein/erzsébet héderváry)

notes: 15 songs in total; follows the pair's progression from first falling in love, to their marriage, and to finally its dissolution, amidst both war and peace; music of various genres (and languages!) included.


tracklist + lyrics + download links )  



Uganda and Kenya

Characters: Kenya and Uganda
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Some of the Africans in Gakuen Hetalia, Uganda and Kenya.
Read more...Collapse )


Kenya Pictures

Characters: Kenya
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: These aren't great resolution, but these are some sketches of Kenya pictures I started. Our former President Obama (when Alfred F. Jones runs in 2012, of course) has some Kenyan in him, y'know ;) Anyone see a new ship? Read more...Collapse )


France and Seychelles Bookmark

Characters: France and Seychelles
Rating: G
Warnings: White-washed Seychelles
Summary: Kinda poor resolution, I took the pic with a cellphone. Also, Seychelles is whited out, I have since darkened her tone to fit the manga rather than anime, but this is the only pic I have of it. So I'm warning you she looks white, but I HAVE made her look DARKER in the FINAL pic. You guys like my capslock? I am EMPHASIZING THINGS!! Read more...Collapse )

Chibi Wy

Characters: Wy
Rating: G
Warnings: Kinda crappy coloring, lol
Summary: Just a Wy chibi. Never drawn her before, so I decided to give it a shot.

Read more...Collapse )


[fic] Jump

Title: Jump
Characters: Hungary, others mentioned
Rating: PG+
Warnings: WWII-fic, dark topics (nothing explicit)
Summary: It is 1944, and Hungary stands on the banks of her beautiful Danube in the dead of night...with a gun pressed into her back. The gunmen is one of hers. The people dressed in rags, dragged from the ghetto to be murdered, are hers. She has no idea where she stands.
[This is based on a true story, and a picture of the memorial in Budapest is included.]

She stands here with the men, women, and children who are only half her people, snatched from the ghetto in the middle of the night like a perverted Pied Piper tale.

[Fanmix] GUNS&FRILLS - Hetalia girls

Character(s): all female characters
Rating: T
Warnings: some bad words, feministic lyrics