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This community is dedicated to the amazing ladies of Axis Powers Hetalia!


♦ First and foremost, genderbends are not allowed as a main focus. They have two comms already (nyotalia and hetalia63), so please take it there.

♦ OCs are allowed only if they are with a canon lady.

♦ Be respectful of others. We're here to try and have a good time and spread our love of the Hetalia ladies.

♦ Het and yuri are both allowed so long as it features one of the Hetalia ladies.

Mature content must be members locked and behind a cut

♦ Please use the tags. If you feel there is a tag missing, please do not hesitate to email the mod and request it :)

♦ All fanart larger than 300x300 pixels must be behind a cut. All fanfiction must be behind a cut. All icons numbering more than 3 must be behind a cut. Please be courteous of your fellow members.

♦ Please post all fanwork using the following template:
Title: [Fanart does not have to include a title]

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact strawberryburst

Have fun o/